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Hey Nicholas!
Coming across this position has gotten me pretty excited but, it also reminded me of a mishap when I was the editor of the student magazine. We commissioned a bunch of students to create a piece of work that reflected the queer community. Needless to say, there was a lot of colour. The horror when I got to the printers to see hundreds of zines in grayscale has never really gone away. But, I’ve never printed a grayscale rainbow since!

Trauma aside, I’m writing to express my interest in the Senior Art Director position at The New Yorker. With a rich background of visual storytelling in the creative industry, I’m excited about the prospect of bringing my skills and knowledge to a brand so iconic.

My career has taken me from the UK to the Netherlands and now to The States. During those 8 years, working closely with illustrators has been a constant theme. Whether storyboarding films, developing key visuals, or leading campaigns with illustration as the core stylistic approach, I have consistently delivered impactful and visually compelling content. I’ve had the pleasure of working across many industries and brands, delivering editorial projects for fashion labels and sports brands such as Under Armour, ASICS and United Colors of Benetton. Creating culturally relevant content for the likes of Al Jazeera and PlayStation and building global brand campaigns for The New York Times, Pepsi.Co and Qatar Airways to name a few.

The 2023 brand campaign for The New York Times is the piece of work I'm most proud of. Being one of the creatives that spearheaded the concept and creation of the entire campaign I became familiar with the ways of working in the field of journalism. It was a complex web of image sourcing and licensing, journalistic integrity and visual clarity. But it reinforced to me the important symbiotic relationship between robust journalism and powerful visuals. It also reignited a passion for aligning myself with brands that share similar values, making me confident in my compatibility with the ethos of The New Yorker.

I bring a deep understanding of production and am familiar with the world of delivering culturally relevant content, hitting tight deadlines and navigating third party vendors. Over the years I’ve built connections and knowledge of production partners, many being illustration specific.

My dab hand at Adobe programs, coupled with my ability to work closely with designers, animators and editors allows me to create final layouts and assets that implement brand guidelines seamlessly across multiple platforms, skills I take great pride in.

I feel my constant curiosity about the world, the people and the events happening in it, coupled with a proven track record in making and delivering strategic and creative visual content positions me as an ideal candidate for this role. And would love for the opportunity to talk more about what you’re looking for.

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