Thanks Plants 

Flower Council of Holland


EPICA shortlist (art direction), SAN (mention) , ESPRIX (mention)

It's not very often the creatives ask for more product in the film, but when the product is plants, it's hard to say no. Somehow we were allowed to create an 80-second visual hypnotic ode to plants, thanking them for all the beneficial things they give us. 

Turns out I can write a song... although I needed some help translating it into all the other languages.


Thanks Plants Activation

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE), a week long music festival takes over the city yearly. We opened a soothing afterparty where guests orchestrated the music by interacting with the plants.

Thanks Plants Editorial

Alongside the campaign, we ran many articles across Europe that talked about the benefits of house plants. I worked closely with Sophie Van der Perre to create a series of editorial shots.