Logos IRL

Personal project

Logos - the root of every brand. A sacred stamp that holds it all together. Armies of designers have sweat blood and tears to create bullet proof brand books for these coats of arms we all know and love.

But… not even the wacom warriors can control how a logo will look when it’s released in to the hands of consumers.

A few examples of logos IRL: 



Personal project

Netflix and Chill-istrator ok that’s a stretch, but Netflix and Design sound just as lame. 
I guess I found a way to endure the endless scrolling my housemates and I do to decide what’s next. 
A little game I like to call - NOTFLIX - if Netflix shows were real. 


Personal project

Sometimes I think making a flipbook would be easier than trying to learn the software,

but that thought normally comes when I’m rendering.

Here's a little animation to rally support for a ridiculous race where I scrambled across India in a rickshaw.

Preparation for the Amsterdam commute. 


Halloween 2020

ezgif.com-gif-maker (21).gif


Personal project

I like cutting and sticking, but it seemed too childish as a ‘hobby’, so I added some politics. 

When I get 5 minutes at the end of the week I’ll mash up some of the top stories I've read. 


VICE | D&AD New Blood


D&AD Pencil

I was a student, in a rainy part of Wales. I was armed with a few free pints and some friends that would never say no to free pints. 
We recreated the iconic Rule Britannia image that represents the UK today. 

And the lovely judges at D&AD gave me a pencil that I can’t fit in my pencil case. 


Personal project

Inferno is the re-brand of a well-known card game amongst students - ‘Ring of Fire’. The idea was to design a deck of cards with each individual card featuring a different rule, making the game easy to follow for everybody involved.


There was only one thing left to do after they were designed... print a few hundred!