I'm Ross Weaver.

And I'm currently working out the 'how many beers' to the 'can I still ride a bike' ratio in Amsterdam, having swapped the rolling hills of Wales for one of the flattest countries in the world, the Netherlands.


Art directing for five years at 180 Amsterdam. Working with global and local clients such as Qatar Airways, PlayStation, DHL, Peps.co, Lay's, ASICS and Under Armour.


Outside of work you can find me pounding the pavement, being a beer & whiskey connoisseur (in the loosest sense of the word) and exploring some far-flung land in search of the cure for receding hairlines.


Hello again!



Cannes Young Lions Creative academy | 2019

BA Hons, Advertising and Brand Design - UWTSD | 2014 -17


TNW | Top 500 digital minds in the Netherlands | 2019

ADCN | Film | 2019

EPICA | Shortlist | 2019

SAN Accent (mention) | 2019

ESPRIX (mention) | 2019

Young Dogs Netherlands |2018

D&AD | New Blood Pencil | 2016 


Out of Office

120 consecutive days of cold water swimming - 
swam with the ice man Wim Hoff (click for photo evidence

Climbed Kilimanjaro - 
vomited at the top but raised some money for charity

Hiked Machu Picchu - 
tried chewing tobacco at altitude, worst idea ever

Raced 3000km across India in a Rickshaw -
had multiple brushes with death and raised a load of cash for charity

1 marathon -
found out my nipples can bleed a lot

4 half marathons -
lost a toenail or two

Rehabilitated and released four howler monkeys and a toucan in the Amazon rainforest -
woke up with a tarantula