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Brand Refresh - 3 Collection Launches 


The only thing more mind-boggling than a fashion shoot with hundreds of looks to capture... is three of them. 

bonprix a long-standing German fashion retailer is reinventing themselves. Out with the old, in with the new. 
We defined and launched 3 of bonprix’s biggest collections by giving them a look and tone of voice of their own. 

Sustainable Collection

Does what it says on the tin. bonprix's sustainable collection is made with organic fabrics and less water. 

The botanical gardens helped us shape this collection into a fresh look and feel.


The Road Trip

The road trip was inspired by the 70s clothes in this collection. A trip to Ibiza gave us the warm, vintage vibe we were looking for and a narrative we used to our advantage on social media.

Spring Summer

For the spring-summer collection, we wanted bold, fresh and vibrant. So we created an abstract set that was interchangeable depending on the outfit. An effective way to keep things interesting for hundreds of different looks.